Hiding Non-Inventory Items From Loading On Mobile

In our latest Android and iOS release, you can now hide non-inventory items in the loading view of the mobile app so drivers and warehouse crew can focus on rental inventory items only. You can try out this new feature … Read More

Preparing Rental Items For Delivery With QuickReport

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How to Convert a Rental Estimate to an Invoice in QuickBooks

Once you’ve created a rental estimate for an upcoming event in QuickBooks, it’s now in the hands of the customer to decide whether he/she wants to book those rentals for their upcoming event. Once the customer has decided to confirm the order and reserve the rental items for that specific date, we need to convert the estimate in QuickBooks to an invoice so that Adelie Logistics can take those items out of your available rental inventory for that date. Here’s how we go about doing this: … Read More

Check Upcoming Rental Orders in QuickBooks

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Creating Rental Estimates in QuickBooks

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Checking Rental Inventory for Specific Dates

Traditionally, working with party and event rental inventory and equipment rental inventory in QuickBooks has been virtually impossible. Since QuickBooks considers “inventory” as products that are bought and sold, the normal way of keeping track of inventory levels does not … Read More