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Adelie Logistics linen software anticipates availability and communicates across departments. Never worry about linen status or overbooking your linens again. Our software keeps you in control of your linen rental business.

Stressed about linen availability?

linen availability is tricky and requires industry knowledge

Knowing what linens are ready to rent is crucial to the success of your business. Imagine a customer calls in and orders 10 of your 108″ Rd White linen cloths for an event. You check your inventory management system to see what you have available for that date and see that you have 12 in stock to rent out that day so it should work perfect.

Sadly, the order goes through only for you to realize the day of the event that while you had 12 clothes in stock, 6 came back the day before and are not prepped and ready. Now, because your software did not accurately track how long it takes for a linen to be processed, you can’t fulfill the customer’s order. This will lead to lost business and a poor local reputation. Many businesses have suffered this fate.

How Does Our Linen Rental Software Ensure Availability?

The worry-free software that we provide can customize the turnaround time of each linen. This way, you can accurately track and anticipate available linen inventory.

It’s important to be able to adjust this on a per item basis as some linens will take longer to turn-over than others (say a specialty colored sequin linen vs a standard poly 120″ rd).

Simply put, when your linens go out and return to the warehouse, you’ll know exactly how long before you can rent them again. This is a must for any rental business that wants to increase sales without also increasing headache and problems. 

Improves Every Department

We Make Rentals Easy!

Online Sales

With a simple web integration, you can now display accurate quantities of items in relation to the client’s timetable. Save time not having to call potential customers regarding inventory levels


Looking in the “check availability page”, office staff can have an accurate assessment of inventory and send invoices without hesitation. Close more deals, cut back on phone time and give customers a seamless rental experience


Preparing linens in Adelie is a breeze. See, at-a-glance, whats going out on any day. Update the status of each item as it goes through the cleaning process. Flag issues & if sub-rental or additional purchasing is needed, record that too!


Handling multiple deliveries per day can be a headache. Fortunately, Adelie offers an industry leading delivery/pickup scheduling feature that integrates with our mobile apps so your drivers can deliver orders with ease.

Built By Rental Owners

For Rental Companies

Having run successful rental companies ourselves, we understand exactly what challenges rental owners and staff face on a day to day basis. Everything we build is with that in mind. Before any decision, we ask ourselves, what would WE want from this feature if we were to use this in our own business (because we inevitably do use it for our rental companies). Because of this, you benefit from a field tested and proven system that your company can rely on.


What Adelie Customers

Are Saying!


This AP helped us track our inventory & become a paperless office. They are always there to assist if needed. We couldn’t be more pleased with the tracking system. It’s pretty amazing.

Leslie Robinson

PSR Events (Clarksville TN)


Adelie is a lifesaver for my tent rental company. I searched everywhere for a solution to help keep track of rental inventory for my tent rentals. I tried several and this was the easiest to use and fit my needs perfectly. Not only do we never overbook items anymore, we’re also able to assign routes to our various trucks and drivers with the mobile app. Highly recommend this app for event or equipment rental companies that use QuickBooks.

Roger Werner

Tri-State Tent And Party Rentals (Elsmere KY)


Love the App and software

No training really needed. You can jump right into the software and navigate easily.

I like how I can look to see how my week is going.

Baldomero Blair

Royalty Rentals (Chandler AZ)

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