Party Rental Business Name Ideas

What Should I Call My New Party Rental Business?

Trying to find some good party rental business name ideas? Naming your new party rental business can be a tricky endeavor. Oftentimes, multiple parties can be involved and everyone has their own opinions on names. From experience, I’ve learned that naming your business, especially when a spouse is involved, can be nearly as contentious as naming your first born.

So, what are you to do? Follow the guidelines below to make sure you don’t blotch this important step in starting your own rental business.

Some tips for coming up with good names

Ultimately, you are going to be the one that ends up living with this name for the entirety of the time that you are  the owner/operator. Usually, your customer will care less about your name and more about your products, people and processes than what the place of business is actually called. So, with that in mind, here’s a few guidelines to live by:

1. Don't OVER think it... but also don't UNDER think it.

It’s easier for your brain to process and come up with new ideas when you’re not so stressed. If you’re so worried about the name and what others might think of your name that it’s all you can think about, then you will probably have a hard time coming up with any quality options. Find a good space where you feel comfortable, relaxed and not distracted (quiet office, a park, a hike in the woods, “staycation” destination…etc.).

This will get you into the right mindset where your brain is free to process and come up with ideas. A brainstorming session where you find a piece of paper and write down every idea that pops into your head (good, bad or ugly) is a perfect way to start. This is called rapid ideation. By doing this, you can start to create some options that you can then go back to and analyze further for possible viability.

2. Apply your purpose to your name

This one can REALLY be overdone so be careful here. However, the idea of taking your purpose behind why you’re starting this business and infusing it into the name of your business can be successful. At the very least, it will remind you, the business owner, why you decided to start this business each and everyday. This is especially beneficial when you’re 2-3 years in and knee deep in fires to put out and people and processes to improve where you may start to question you motives for starting the company in the first place.

Try to stay away from overused clichés like “Best Party Rentals” or “Amazing Event Rentals” as you will just get sick of these and kick yourself later down the road. It also tells the customer that you have zero personality or ingenuity.

3. How can you stand out from the crowd?

Choose a name that no one has done before. Google is a good resource for this. Come up with a name, then google it to see if there is another business with that same name. Even if they are in another state or region, you’ll want to think twice before deciding on a name that another business has already taken.

I made this mistake with my rental company the first time and spent the next several years trying to by the exact domain for my business from a property management firm that hadn’t touched their website since the 90’s.

good party rental business names

4. Take an evening or two to brainstorm with your significant other

I highly recommend this as you and your spouse are very likely to have different ideas about what to name your company. It’s good to get perspective, especially from the person you spend the majority of your time with to make sure that you both can agree on the name. He or she will usually keep you from choosing something that is corny or not going to age well… because hey, they love you right?

5. Run your "possibles" by a few of your close friends/relatives

After the spousal approval, next go to close family and friends. It’s best to run it by those whom you know will be honest with you. Tell them to be honest upfront as well. The last thing you need right now is a false sense of security if you’ve decided on a name that is going to cause others to twitch. If you have a mentor that you trust, this is a good time to schedule a lunch with him/her as well.

6. Check Godaddy for domain name availability

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to 2-3 options, hit up Godaddy or any other domain registrar to see if the exact domain name is available. It is highly likely at this stage of the internet that it will already be taken so don’t lose heart. If your name is taken, try to research who owns it. Do they have a website on it or is it simply parked and not live? Do they operate in the same business as you or do they do something completely different. If you still decide to move forward with a name that is already chosen, try to add a descriptor to the end or beginning of your name and purchase that domain for your website.

7. Check your state's registered trade name database

Finally, you’ll want to check your state’s trade name database to make sure you can secure your chosen name for your business. Usually you can find this on the secretary of state’s website. Here is a site that lists all the state’s with links to their respective secretary of state’s website.

Some Good Party Rental Business Name Ideas?

Funny you should ask. If you really just want to read through some ideas of names, here’s a site that lists some decent ones… though since they’ve already thought of them, maybe you should just use them as a means of getting the juices flowing? Just an “idea”! 🙂

List of party rental business names

Some of the ones included on the list are:


  • The impulse group
  • Party manager
  • Dazzling designers
  • Joy planner
  • Dream friends entertainment
  • Memorable creations
  • Inspire productions
  • Boogie noch
  • Nova rush
  • Party prompt
  • Happenings
  • Thesharp events
  • Style organizers
  • Top notch event planning
  • Right hand events
  • Star spree events
  • Southern events company
  • Elevated events
  • Bliss babes events
  • Copenhag
  • Orange door event planning
  • Gathering goddess
  • Tie the knot
  • Sistertosister events and parties
  • Award winning events
  • Pas seul rental
  • Let the party begin
  • Culture play
  • En vogue events
  • Events by design
  • Shake speare
  • Meant 2 be
  • Sparkling events
  • It’s a hoot events
  • Party event names
  • Feast on this
  • Decisive planners
  • The wedding specialists
  • Glamorous occasions
  • Decadence parties
  • Skrimbo events
  • One touch parties
  • A perfect event
  • Amicus events
  • Wise guys events
  • Mammoth parties
  • Belle of the ball
  • Ballerina
  • Bamboo grove event planning
  • Sunset point
  • High life parties
  • Radiant weddings
  • You’re invited
  • Front row events
  • Good time design
  • Powered by productions
  • Big wave events
  • Choice productions
  • Elegant planners
  • Dusty wood
  • Picture perfect
  • Folk fair rental
  • Exceptional events
  • Personal planners
  • Forevermore events
  • A series of fortunate events
  • Peppy parties
  • Party partners
  • Night sky
  • Happy planning
  • Eccentric event
  • Monumental event planning
  • The bridal helpline
  • The big picture
  • Fervent designs
  • Honeydew events
  • Party planning mom
  • Urnban nest
  • Wedding scheduler
  • On-time event planning
  • Vibrant events
  • Memorable events
  • Be our guest events
  • Epic events
  • Climax dance
  • White frame events
  • Tickled pink brides
  • Lustrous pearl parties
  • Monumental parties planning
  • Experience planner
  • Vintage planning
  • Wishing well barn
  • Planning pros
  • Party preparation
  • Plan the party
  • Expand dance
  • Lavish vents
  • Hoofer dom rental
  • Martin sweare
  • Immaculate events
  • Greenleaf court parties
  • Dazzleria events
  • Dreams come true
  • Meeting in minutes
  • Party prep
  • Eye 4 events
  • Royal gala events

We hope by now you’ve come up with some good party rental business name ideas. Now that you’ve got your business name nailed down, it’s time to design your business card! Also, don’t forget to start your party rental business off right with our simple yet robust party rental software. Let us know if you have any questions or visit our YouTube channel for more tutorials.

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