As a rental company, you probably have come across several situations where you were surprised to find out that a particular item or piece of equipment had been rented, but the item, for some reason, was not prepped by the warehouse and was not ready for pickup or delivery on the day it was supposed to be utilized by the renter. We developed the QuickReport to combat these situation and to ensure that this never happens again for your company.

Adelie’s QuickReport is a custom tool that we’ve developed to help you know exactly what items you have rented on any given day now or in the future, and provides your warehouse staff with different ways of viewing, preparing and communicating notes on those items. Let’s take a look at how QuickReport works and how it can help you better manage your upcoming rental items.

Select a Rental Category to View

After logging into your Adelie account, click on QuickReport. After doing so, you’ll notice a dropdown menu where you can view all the different rental categories that you previously created in your QuickTracker. We break them up into categories here because most of the time, categories will represent separate departments of your rental store.

For example, linen rentals are typically handled by the linen department, catering and tableware another department, tables and chairs and equipment another…etc. I’m going to reference linens throughout this article as it is particularly well situated to benefit from this tool. Once you’ve selected the linen category, you’ll notice a calendar appear which defaults to the current month.

Select a Day That Has Rentals Going Out

Each day that has rented items in the chosen category will display with a specific color coded box around it indicating that there are rentals within that category that show up on invoices that are scheduled to go out on the specified day. These boxes are color coded to indicate the “status” of that day in terms of whether or not the items have been prepared and are ready to go out. The color codes are as follows:

  • Orange (Contains rented items but has not been viewed or worked on as of yet)
  • Blue (Contains rented items that have been viewed and have begun working on the items but are not fully completed)
  • Red (Contains rented items that are either overbooked or have been flagged as a problem (ie. “rented item was returned the previous week with a stain or tear that needs to be addressed”)
  • Green (Contains rented items and all items have been completed and are “rent ready”)

Select a day to work on and continue below

View Rented Items, Quantities, Notes and Prepare Items to Leave Warehouse

After you’ve selected the day you would like to work on, you’ll see a list of all the items within that category that are to be rented that day show up below the calendar. You can quickly spot any problem or overbooked items as they will show up in red. In the report, you will see several columns including:

  • Item: The item name as entered on your invoice(s)
  • Item Description: The default description for that item
  • Amt Rented: The total amount rented of that item from all invoices for that day
  • # Available: The total amount available in your inventory for that item for that day
  • Found: This is a text field where the person preparing the items can enter a number indicating how many of the rented items they have been able to “locate” in the warehouse that are available for rent. This does not mean they have been checked and prepared for rental, just that they have been located by the staff
  • Completed: This field is for your staff to enter the number of each item that they have completed and are currently ready to rent. Once the total in this field matches the number shown in the “Amt Rented” column, this particular line will turn green indicating that all of the rented items have been accounted for and are ready to leave the warehouse.

    Once all the items in the list have been completed, the box color for the day will immediately turn green as well indicating that the day is finished and all items within that category that are to be rented are complete and ready for the customers
  • Notes: This field is for your staff to be able to leave notes that are specific to each rented item type. For example, if the total amount rented (10) of 120″ Rd White linens has been located, however, only 8 have been marked as “completed,” the staff worker may leave a note indicating that the other 2 are in the wash and are awaiting drying and pressing.

    This way, whoever is in charge of working on these linens the following day, will be able to pick up right where the previous employee left off.
  • Stock: This indicates the total number you own of this particular item
  • Purchased: If you are short a particular item, you can indicate the number of this item that has been purchased in order to fulfill the days total amount rented
  • Subrent: Similar to “purchased” this field allows you to keep track of any sub-rented items that will be used to fulfill the orders for that day
  • Problems: This field is used to flag the day/item for anyone who may be working on these at a later time. For example, an employee may start to prepare the items for that day and locate them all, only to find that one of the items has been mutilated or is somehow not rentable and needs to be addressed.

    Anytime there is ANYTHING in the “problems” field, the line will turn red as well as the day will turn red. They will both be red until the problem is resolved and the notes in this field are removed.

Other Useful Tips and Tricks

In addition to keeping track of where you are with working on preparing rental items for any given category, there are a few additional features that allow for ease of use and convenience in using the QuickReport. One of these is that each item is clickable which, after clicking an item’s name, reveals all the invoices (along with their invoice number) that are contained in that items rented number for the day.

For example, let’s say for a given Friday you have 21 white 90″ Rd linens that are rented. Clicking on the 90″ Rd White Linen may reveal that 9 are going to Invoice #4213 while the other 12 are assigned to Invoice #4532. Clicking either of these invoices will navigate the user to the entire invoice listed below the QuickReport where you can cross reference other items on the order to obtain context for the work.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Now that you’ve got a good handle on what the QuickReport is and how to use it to prepare your upcoming rental items, go ahead and give it a try. As you do, give us your feedback and let us know how we’re doing in the comments either here or on our YouTube video. For additional feature requests, contact us directly or reach out to your Adelie representative.

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