Welcome to Adelie Logistics! Below you’ll find a list of questions we get asked all the time by rental owners looking to grow their business. You can click on each question below to navigate to that section of the page and view the answer. Enjoy!


To grow your rental company, you need more customers. The tried and true ways of gaining traction in the marketplace like word of mouth, provide a good product at an affordable price , and put the customer first still hold true today of course. However, since the internet and worldwide adoption of mobile devices, these ways have taken on a whole new meaning. How can you add to your traditional word of mouth practices by ensuring that this word of mouth advertising also occurs online through social media, listing reviews and search engine rankings?

At Adelie Logistics, we have extensive background in internet marketing including website design and optimization, search engine optimization or SEO, social media management and advertising, Google Ads (PPC), online reputation management and more. All of which can help attract new customers to your business. Call us today to discuss what makes most sense for your business and how we can help you gain the online exposure that you need to grow your rental company.


Though it may seem like a small thing, time wasted on poorly optimized delivery and pick up routes can cause unnecessary strain on your business. However, creating a well thought out delivery route is difficult and requires a great deal of thought and consideration to every detail including: location, requested delivery/pick up time ranges, items to be delivered, trucks available, truck capacities, availability of drivers, crewman and loaders… and countless others.

To make this task easier, Adelie Logistics provides a streamlined route creation process through it’s mobile app. The app syncs instantly with your web-based software which shares data directly from your QuickBooks company file. You never have to enter data more than once. You can schedule a demo of our software or contact us to find out more about our state of the art rental software.



Ranking on the first page of Google has been a buzz phrase in the internet marketing world for several years now. You probably get calls nearly daily from companies claiming that they have the “secret ingredient” to help your website rank on the first page of Google. The truth is, a page one ranking is not as easy as clicking a few buttons and making some text changes to your website. There are a number of factors that come into play all involving the specific page on your website that you’re trying to rank and the specific keyword or keyword phrase you’re wanting to rank for. In addition to this, you can be ranked in Google maps listing, Google Ads, Google Images, YouTube… among others which all require different strategies to accomplish.

At Adelie Logistics, we take a strategic approach to determining the best platforms and strategies to utilize when it comes to helping your rental company’s website rank on “the first page of Google” in order to attract more customers. If you’re wanting to get business right away and don’t mind spending money to do so, we might recommend a targeted Google Ads campaign to target specific customers that have intent to buy. If you’re looking for a more long term approach, we may look at your website and see what areas are in need of improvement, what content pages should be written and published as well as what local relationships might be mutually beneficial to your company. Give us a call or contact us to find out how we help rental companies dominate Google rankings.


Social media can be a daunting subject for business owners. In many industries, it’s hard to justify social media spending and efforts due to the difficulty of associating it with a definitive ROI. Fortunately, in the rental space (especially party and event rentals), this is not the case. Many event rental businesses utilize ONLY social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to advertise their business and have gained a tremendous following.

Whether you’re new to the game, or have a well established Facebook business page and Instagram profile, we can help you determine how to best utilize social media to generate new business and wow potential customers with your previous work. Check out our case study (Coming Soon!) to see how we took a rental company in Ohio from start up to well established social media presence in just 6 months.


Rental inventory is a unique conundrum. Unlike traditional inventory that is purchased and sold, rental inventory acts as a tangible asset for the company which is then rented as a “service” to the customer. During the rental period, that asset becomes unavailable for other customers. However, once it is returned, it needs to be automatically restocked into your available inventory. Given this uniqueness, it has, in the past, been virtually impossible to track rental inventory using traditional accounting or CRM software such as QuickBooks. That is… until now!

Adelie Logistics rental software is a one of a kind plugin for QuickBooks that utilizes invoices created in QuickBooks to keep track of rental inventory. The integration is seamless and requires but a few slight modifications to your company file and invoice template. Once this is done, all your staff has to do is use QuickBooks to enter orders, customer information, rental specific instructions, take payments…etc. while our software works on the backend to keep track of your available inventory. Access these reports instantly from anywhere on any device so you know exactly what’s available for any given day or date range. Check out our pricing or request a demo of our inventory tracking software today!


You may wonder if it makes sense to have an e-commerce website for your rental company. Given the complexities of tracking available inventory, it may seem like it could become more of a hassle than a help. Yes, it would be nice to receive orders at all times of the day 24/7 without ever having to answer the phone, check availability or send a confirmation email. However, if the system overlooks something causing an overbooking, a faulty delivery address or wrong phone number, you’ll be wanting to go back to good ol’ fashioned personal phone reps really quickly.

At Adelie Logistics, we’ve thought through the e-commerce rental check out experience like no other. We create a seamless integration with your current website that allows a personalized shopping cart with all your rental products ready to rent. Each one is assigned a unique ID that ties it to your inventory tracking system and updates availability in real time as your customer adds items to his/her cart for their date needed. With smart items, you can trigger custom alerts for specific items that require more information. For example, say someone wants to rent a 20X20 Frame Tent. As they add this product to their cart, you may want them to indicate what the set up surface is going to be, or whether or not they would like to add sidewall or pole draping. We can add custom messages so that no area is overlooked and each customer receives the high level of attention to detail that he/she deserves when renting your products

Speak with one of our e-commerce specialists today by filling out the contact form here.


Do you ever wish there was someone you could call at the drop of a hat for advice on your rental company? Maybe you’re looking to hire your first employee, move out of your garage and into a commercial space, or simply take the plunge on a big inventory purchase. In the rental space, we all experience something unexpected everyday. Having someone with years of experience in the rental industry on your side can be a huge asset when facing the daily challenges of running a successful rental company.

At Adelie Logistics, we provide hourly and package consulting to fit your needs. Hire us to sit with you for a few hrs each week over the course of 6-8 months to perform a full assessment of your current procedures and processes. We’ll provide a roadmap and daily guidance on things to consider whether it’s improving your marketing efforts, adjusting how your employees process rental orders, or creating training tutorials for your drivers to be safer on the road. If a full blown consulting package isn’t right for you, hire us hourly and call us at your convenience whenever you have a questions or something you want to seek council on. We love talking rentals and feel joy in witnessing the growth and success of other companies in the industry.

Contact us regarding our consulting services to find out more!


Having a website should be one of the first things to consider when you start down the path of marketing your rental company online. A website acts as a guide for your customers to help them understand your rental products and services. Think of it as a salesman who works 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and doesn’t ask for any commission! That said, having a website is one thing. Having a well designed website that sells your products and services and converts viewers into buyers is a completely different thing.

When considering who to hire to build or update your website, you should be very picky. Things you may ask could be: Do they understand my industry and who my target audience is? Do they have a track record of creating beautifully designed websites that CONVERT viewers into customers? Do they understand SEO and local internet marketing? If so, do they apply that knowledge when building your site and not just as an add-on package AFTER the site is built?

If you’re thinking of updating your current website or developing an entirely new site, speak with one of our web specialists today to discuss how Adelie Logistics can help you launch a beautiful site, tailored to the rental industry and that attracts your target customer.


If you’ve ever run a marketing campaign for your company (mailers, radio ads, Googles Ads, Facebook Ads…etc.) you may have asked yourself, did that work, or was I just throwing my money away? With call tracking, you never have to wonder about whether or not your marketing dollars are being put to good use.

Our custom call tracking software integrates with your website and performs dynamic number replacement based on the referral source (ie. If someone found you on Facebook, they see your “Facebook” phone number). You can also assign numbers to offline marketing efforts like mailers, vehicle wraps and sponsorships. We recommend that anytime you spend money for advertising, give it a unique call tracking number so you can measure the return on your advertising spend.

Data from our software gets imported directly into the Google Analytics account for your site so we can pull reports over time in order to help guide your marketing spend month to month, year over year.

Get call tracking numbers for all your advertising initiative so you can keep track of which efforts are performing the best. Speak with an Adelie Logistics team member today!


Your company’s reputation online is vital in terms of your ability to attract new customers. Since nearly everyone uses search engines and social media to find companies for services they are looking for, it is absolutely crucial that you have a good presence and you are aware and active in the conversations that are happening around your company. What many business owners overlook is the fact that these conversations are happening regardless of their involvement. Thus, as a business owner, you only stand to lose from a lack of attention to this medium.

But then the question comes, how do you participate and ensure your company is being positively portrayed. Number one is to make sure that your business is worth talking about in this manner. In addition to this though, there are steps you can take to encourage positive feedback from your customers and ensure that the next person that finds your company online is more likely to call or email you as opposed to turning to one of your competitors with more positive reviews.

At Adelie Logistics, we have years of experience in online reputation management. We can help you convert your golden customers into marketing machines for you online. The best part is, they already WANT to do it!

Talk with a review specialist today to see how we automate review follow ups in a way that’s personal, non-obtrusive and effective.


So you’ve been told, or you’ve been thinking about “going green?” In the rental industry, it’s a little more complicated than just adopting a software that handles digital contracts. With physical items that need to be assigned to different individual orders each week, cleaned, packaged and put back on the shelf only to go out once again the next week or even within the day, it’s very difficult to abandon the paper (not to mention sticky notes) altogether. However, it is possible to get close and we’d love to show you how we can help.

Our rental software not only allows for digital contracts and live digital signature retrieval, but it also provides easy to use and helpful item pull and preparation reports for your warehouse crew to make sure everything is ready to go for your daily orders. We’d love to show you how it works.

Outfit your crew with our new mobile app so they can obtain customer signatures and acceptance of rental items on site. Schedule a demo of our software or try it free for 30 days.


QuickBooks is an amazing software that is second to none when it comes to accounting features. Invoicing, estimates, customer management and even credit card processing and billing can all be done seamlessly in QuickBooks. However, there are specific features needed in the rental industry, such as routing and rental inventory tracking, that are not available on the software. That is where Adelie Logistics comes in.

We’ve created custom software that seamlessly utilizes data from your QuickBooks file, and the two softwares work in tandem to solve your pain points in regards to tracking inventory. Once the two are synced, you can use Adelie to check custom date ranges for inventory availability checks, see item specific return dates, and view item specific reports for preparation and pull status.

The Adelie App for iOS and Android allows you to track each order’s status. You can see in real time, as your team is working, if something is loaded onto a delivery vehicle, delivered, if the online contract has been signed for, or if the items are picked up and returning back to your location and when they are offloaded out of the deliver vehicle.

Find out how we track rental inventory using both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop. Schedule a demo of our software or try it free for 30 days.


In speaking with several accountants, the number one complaint I hear is that the companies they do taxes for NEVER have their books in line for them to easily do their job at the end of the month/year or whatever the case may be. Keeping your books clean and well structured not only helps your accountant, but allows you, as a business owner, to know your financial status and pull accurate reports like profit and loss, balance sheet and others at a moment’s notice.

The time needed to do this each month is what causes most owners to continually put it off. It’s not as pressing in the moment as other business matters usually are so it tends to be one of those things on the back burner that continues to nag in the back of your mind and before you know it, you’ve got a huge backlog of work that you just don’t even want to think about. Letting your accountant handle things from there can end up costing a lot more than simply having a part time bookkeeper handle your books on a consistent basis.

Fortunately, Adelie Logistics employs professional bookkeepers that have years of experience in bookkeeping for rental companies. Call us today to discuss bookkeeping and more. We’d love to help you streamline the mundane monthly bookkeeping that is essential in aiding your business decisions.