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Our industry specific features make all parts of your rental business easier to manage and operate.

Item Availability

Know what you have available for any specific date or date range. Empower your sales reps with the information they need to sell what you have and cut back on sub-rental needs.

Delivery/Pick Up Location Mapping

With Google Maps integration, you’ll be able to view scheduled delivery and pick up locations for any chosen date or date range. Easily create routes to optimize time and fuel usage as well as cater to specific client needs.

QuickBooks Integration

Adelie is a QuickBooks application that seamlessly integrates with your QuickBooks online or QuickBooks desktop company file. The import happens instantly which saves you the time of having to set up a completely new item list. You simply continue working as normal via QuickBooks and let Adelie take care of your inventory tracking for you.


Powerful Yet Simple


Fully hosted and secure

Save time and money by not having to download a bulky new inventory management and/or accounting software. Adelie keeps your company information secure and ensures that only you have access to sensitive account information.

Works with QuickBooks Online or Desktop

Whether you host your own QuickBooks file via a company server, or you utilize Intuit hosted QuickBooks Online, Adelie seamlessly integrates with your company file. For desktop versions, a user specific QuickBooks Web Connector file will be provided for you to import enabling our servers to communicate with your desktop file. For online versions, QuickBooks API is utilized to integrate with your company file.

Flexible settings to fit your needs

Save time by not having to make multiple changes to your invoice template or QuickBooks file. Simply tell us which fields you use to indicate delivery and pick up dates/times along with a few other important items and we’ll take care of the rest!


Empower Your Crew With Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

Delivery and Will Call Orders at a Glance

Keep your delivery drivers safe, on task and efficient with Adelie’s mobile app features for rental deliveries. Your drivers can log in to the mobile app on their favorite Android or iOS device and see right from the home screen all the delivery orders for that day. Tap the calendar view and pull up the orders for any day past, present or future. Switch to will call orders and your warehouse crew can start prepping rental items to be picked up or returned from the warehouse for any given day as well.

Digital Contracts and Customer Signatures

Never print an invoice again. With Adelie’s premium membership package, you get digital contracts and the ability for your customers to sign directly on a phone or tablet of your choice. Storing, searching and sending old contracts has never been easier. Simply search by customer name, contract number or date to view, download and send a previously signed contract. Save time and money with Adelie digital contracts.

Loading and Routing Features at Your Fingertips

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to return to the warehouse or rescue a crew at a job site because of a forgotten item. With Adelie’s proven loading tracker, you’ll never miss another invoice item for any delivery. Mark items as loaded/unloaded at each step of the rental process. Then, easily navigate to each stop without ever typing in a delivery address. One click and you’re on your way to the next stop. See how easy rental deliveries can be with Adelie.


"Since switching from manual methods of tracking inventory to using Adelie, our profitability per item has skyrocketed. We leverage the tool to maximize inventory that can be rented multiple times without returning to the warehouse."
Jeanette Rochlitz Owner - Royalty Rentals
"Adelie Logistics has been a lifesaver for our business. The mapping features allow us to deliver more orders in the same amount of time because we can schedule around already booked orders"
Jay Jessup Owner - Red Diamond Rentals
"We used to keep track of inventory by running sales by item summary reports in QuickBooks and comparing it to a written stock list. Now, with Adelie, we save time and book more orders because we never have to tell a customer that we need to call them back."
Amber Satisfied Customer

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