Once you’ve created a rental estimate for an upcoming event in QuickBooks, it’s now in the hands of the customer to decide whether he/she wants to book those rentals for their upcoming event. Once the customer has decided to confirm the order and reserve the rental items for that specific date, we need to convert the estimate in QuickBooks to an invoice so that Adelie Logistics can take those items out of your available rental inventory for that date. Here’s how we go about doing this:

Find the Original Estimate

Login to your company file in QuickBooks and navigate to the invoicing or sales section in the lefthand menu. Click on “all sales.” Within this page there will be a colored box at the top left of the page (in QuickBooks online) that indicates how many outstanding estimates you have in the file. Click this box and a list of the estimates will appear. If there are enough estimates to where it is difficult to locate the one you’re needing easily, then you can click the filter button and search by customer name (you could also skip straight to this step from the beginning if preferred after clicking into all sales).

Confirm Availability of All Items

After you’ve found the correct estimate, review with the customer all the items that are on the estimate including any specific notes or instructions that may have been added to the invoice at the time it was created. Ask for a verbal confirmation from the customer that all items are correct. If so and the customer is ready to put down the deposit for the order, you’re ready to convert the estimate to an invoice.

Click “Create Invoice” on Estimate Page

As soon as the customer indicates they are ready to confirm, click the “create invoice” button at the top of the estimate page. It is located just to the left of the large bold text indicating the total amount of the estimate.

Review Invoice Items with Customer

Once again go through the items and information on the order to confirm with the customer exactly what they are renting including the terms, the dates, the quantities and their responsibilities while the items are in their possession. It is always important to be up front and as detailed and clear as possible to ensure there is no confusion on their end. This will help to eliminate the possibility of any potential issues during the rental process.

Save the Invoice and Send

Once everything has been finalized with the customer, you’re ready to save it to the company file and send a copy to the customer via email. Click “Save and Send” at the bottom right of the invoice. Ensure the email address for the customer is correct, modify the email body and click send. Once the invoice is sent, navigate to your Adelie Logistics dashboard and go to the QuickTracker page. Click the “Request Invoice Updates” button to sync the data from the new invoice with your inventory tracking for that date.

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